05 Dec 2014

It brings me great pleasure to announce that Learning Touch and Waterman Studios have collaborated once again to bring Richard Scarry’s Busytown to life in the new Words That Go app for the iPhone and iPad! It was a real honor to provide the animation and vocal talent for project as we were all fans of the Richard Scarry books growing up.


In Words That Go, Richard Scarry’s delightfully wacky cars come to life in an interactive educational game for kids ages 2-6. When a car arrives at a Busytown stoplight, kids spell out the word to help it zoom through the intersection. With five playing modes, including letter matching, early phonics and spelling, this app grows with your child.




Classic favorites like the Banana Mobile, Pickle Car and of course Lowly Worm’s Apple Car are among the fifty unique vehicles children can help zoom through the Busytown intersection. Brave Officer Flossy is hot on the trail of that bad driver Dingo. And look out for Goldbug along for the ride.


As children seek new challenges, parents can adjust the difficulty level.


At Level 1, children learn to recognize and match letters, and experience putting letters together to make words.


Level 2 maintains the skills from level 1 and adds left to right ordering to encourage children to match letters from left to right.


Level 3 provides exposure to early phonics. Gameplay is similar to Level 2, but now children can hear letter sounds come together to make words.


Level 4 challenges kids to figure out the order of the letters based on their sounds, without visual hints.


Level 5 brings in big words and sight words to help early readers practice spelling.


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