05 Dec 2014

It brings me great pleasure to announce that Learning Touch and¬†Waterman Studios have collaborated once again to bring Richard Scarry’s Busytown to life in the new Words That Go app for the iPhone and iPad! It was a real honor to provide the animation and vocal talent for project as we were all fans of the Richard Scarry books growing up.


In Words That Go, Richard Scarry’s delightfully wacky cars come to life in an interactive educational game for kids ages 2-6. When a car arrives at a Busytown stoplight, kids spell out the word to help it zoom through the intersection. With five playing modes, including letter matching, early phonics and spelling, this app grows with your child.


11 Jul 2013

A little while back I finally found the time to get a pitch together for a passion project of mine entitled, Thunder Quest, and today I’m unleashing it onto you, the unsuspecting public, for the very first time. Have a look, tell me what you think. What do you like? What don’t you like? Who’s your favorite character? Have an idea for an episode? Let’s get a dialogue going and maybe we can make this thing happen one day.


Thanks gang,

06 Apr 2013

It brings me great pleasure to announce that the entire “Waterman” series has finally come home to WatermanStudios.com in glorious HD video format. Now you can you watch all nine episodes of the award-winning animated series in one place (even the long lost Episode Eight guest starring Reel Big Fish!) With the conversion to video, you can now watch however, whenever, and wherever you like.


Releasing the series in HD video format is something that the fans have been requesting for a long time, and with the power of suggestion I believe that we can make this experience even sweeter. Each month I’m going to release one piece of exclusive “Waterman” series related content to the new “Waterman” The Animated Series page. So, what do you want to see? That’s right, I’m leaving it all up to you. Is there an episode of Puppets in the Park that you miss dearly? What about a look behind-the-scenes at some original artwork? Did you know that I wrote an entire episode that was never produced? Want the script? All of this could be yours, all you have to do is email me at Bryan@WatermanStudios.com or leave a comment below. In fact, I’ll even start us off with the second most requested “Waterman” related content ever.



For a limited time, you can download the entire 16Buttons Of Justice “There’s Always Room to Improv” album for the low, low, price of no bucks! That’s right. Just take it.


This 23 tracked, veritable cornucopia of improvised musical insanity includes hits like “Granger Danger,” “Space Fusion Episode Two,” and “Jitsu Jedi.”

As an added bonus, I’ll throw in two unreleased Jonathan Coulton covers “The Future” and “Soft Rocked.”






Enjoy the show,

16 Jul 2012

This past weekend, we made our very first convention appearance at ConnectiCon 2012. Those who made it to the convention not only got to see some brand new footage from The Waterman Movie, but they also walked away with some killer swag. One of the most popular items at the booth (aside from the never-ending free candy) was the Super Limited Edition Mini Pin-Back Waterman Movie Buttons! Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Super Limited Edition? Boy, that sounds like quantities are limited!” and you’d be right, because that’s exactly what that means…obviously. However, as luck would have it, there are still a few sets left. So, if you’ve been wanting to donate to The Waterman Movie but were waiting for us to sell buttons, NOW’S THE TIME!


Each set is $6.00 and there are two different sets to choose from.


  • The Team Waterman 4pc Set includes Waterman & Professor Hootington, Ice Cream Girl, Pal, and RoyBot.
  • The Team Ready 4pc Set includes Ready Espanosa, Raccoon X. Espanosa, Mr. Dillo, and Devin Farmer.

All proceeds will go directly to the production of The Waterman Movie, and your name will appear in the “Special Thanks” section of the end credits.


Button Packs

29 Jun 2012

If you’re in the New England area July 14 & 15, come on down to ConnectiCon 2012 for our very first convention appearance! ConnectiCon is New England’s ONLY massively, multi-genre pop culture convention, the convention’s focus is on all things pop culture and does every genre of pop culture in as big a way as possible.


For our first convention, we’re pulling out all the stops. Not only will we be showing off some new footage from The Waterman Movie, but you’ll also be able to stop by the Waterman Studios booth where you’ll find all kinds of cool shiiiiiiiiiiiii-stuff. Up for listening to Bryan talk about randomalities? We’ve got that too! Bryan will be joining the comedic minds behind College Humor, Bahman Piderman, and many others in a panel discussion about God only knows.


Hope to see you there!


For more information please visit ConnectiCon.org



11 Apr 2012

Even though The Waterman Movie now has it’s own page here on the new site (The Waterman Movie Page) I’m sure that many of you still have questions. I’m creating this blog post for anyone with a question, comment, suggestion,¬†contribution, or concern about The Waterman Movie.


Please submit your question by leaving a comment below this post and we’ll get back to you with an answer soon!


21 Feb 2012

This auction has ended! Thanks to all that participated!


It brings me great pride and excitement to share with you that The Waterman Movie has continued to push forward with production, leaving only splintered hurdles and crumbled roadblocks in it’s wake. I couldn’t be happier with what has come from the collaborative efforts of CJC Entertainment and Waterman Studios.


In an effort to raise funds for the continued production of the movie, I would like to invite you to participate in a unique event! (READ ON)

21 Jan 2012

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tim McCann from the Brookline Patch to talk about, The Waterman Movie. Patch is a nationwide network of hyper-local news sites that feature the top news stories in each community. There are a lot of interesting characters in Brookline, so it’s a real honor to be popular enough to have a featured story on Patch. Sorry town zombie and screaming wizard, maybe next year. Read the full article here – Comedic Legend’s Final Work in the Hands of Local Filmmaker.

17 Nov 2011

We’ve been moving right along here with The Waterman Movie. Right now, we’re finishing up some of the storyboards and putting the finishing touches on some of the character designs before moving further into animation in December! As much as I would love to be able to show you everything we’ve been working on, some things still need to be kept a secret. However, from time to time I will be posting little sneak peeks here on the site. (READ ON)

17 Nov 2011

As some of you may or may not know, I’m honored to be the voice behind Learning Touch’s popular educational iOS app, First Words. This series not only teaches toddlers how to sound out specific letters, but also how to use those letters to spell simple words. Learning Touch has done an amazing job crafting the apps to do this in a fun puzzle-like manner that reinforces the learning through multiple visual and audio cues. Today, it brings be great joy to announce that the First Words series has surpassed the one-million download mark!


Thank you so much to the talented individuals at Learning Touch for allowing me to be a part of this amazing project. (READ ON)