22 Mar 2011

We are thrilled to announce that after much negotiation, IndustryWorks Pictures has offered to become the international distributor of The Waterman Movie!


IndustryWorks is an International Production and Sales Company based in Canada. They work to produce and distribute quality films that appeal to creative and mainstream audiences on an international level. They develop unique strategies for each picture, drawing upon their production, development and distribution experience. More information after the jump. (READ ON)

17 Mar 2011

Brent Tilton and Matt Synowicz created two beautiful poster designs for The Waterman Movie based on a concept by creator Bryan Waterman. Brent has a dark and unique design style which brought an intense realism to his design which was created using pen, pencil and water colors. Matt has an awesome, cartoonish style and (in our opinion) many of his recreations of famous characters are better than the originals. To view more work by Matt and Brent, visit The Art of Matt Synowicz and Cheshirepus.com. See both poster designs after the jump.


14 Mar 2011

Dear People of the World,

I’m very happy to announce that with the help of the design wizards behind IntrActv, the all new Waterman Studios website is now live! Like most of you (all of you,) I too feel that an update is long overdue. However, I can assure you that with the amount of content that we have painstakingly crammed onto this new it’s going to be difficult to leave without feeling thoroughly updated.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new site, so please feel free to either comment below or email us using our Contact page. What do you like? What don’t you like? What would you like to see more of? All constructive feedback is welcome.

Enjoy your visit!

Bryan Waterman

14 Mar 2011

The popular comedy podcast, Almost Everything, has finally returned to the web-waves with a brand new third season. Lifelong friends, Bryan Waterman and Chris Barnhill tackle everything from current news, to who’s Dad would win in a fight to the death. With hilarious segments like Chris’ Question, Must See, and the always unpredictable Fan Mail, this series is sure to leave you laughing. The new season of Almost Everything, can be found on the Distractions page.

14 Mar 2011

The Squid and Sandwich comic strip debuted on BryanWaterman.com back in March, 2009. Now, the unlikely pair returns to the web with all new comics right here on WatermanStudios.com’s Distractions page. New comics will be released every Monday!

Check out their newest comic after the jump. (READ ON)

14 Mar 2011

Many of you have seen the first two minutes of The Waterman Movie, but did you know that a teaser trailer premiered long before the two minutes were released? It’s true! On March 23, 2007 we released the very first footage of famous explorer Ready Espanosa (Leslie Nielsen) in action. Check out the trailer after the jump. (READ ON)

14 Mar 2011

Here’s a sneak speek at a rare pre-production sketch from The Waterman Movie. Waterman tries

desperately to keep his crew in line despite Farmer’s distractions.