14 Mar 2011

The Squid and Sandwich comic strip debuted on BryanWaterman.com back in March, 2009. Now, the unlikely pair returns to the web with all new comics right here on WatermanStudios.com’s Distractions page. New comics will be released every Monday!

Check out their newest comic after the jump.



  • Anonymous

    This is a test comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/usedtolosing William Cabana-Marshall

    Wonderful! This has long been awaited!

  • http://jakedowns.com/ Jake Downs

    It’s interesting that sandwich is left handed in the new comic, judging by the mouse position. Or should I say, left ham-ded.

  • Melissa Ganus

    I’ve working for a long time on an education project & just found this fabulous comic. Love it! Need advice/ideas with comic-related art.

    Concept in a nutshell: SQUID is a mnemonic for helping people learn to make better decisions.
    S=Signal – see the yellow light before you run the red (interrupt autopilot)
    Q=Question, U=Understand, I=Imagine, D=Decide
    Limerick version: “On the back of ur head lives a SQUID, representing your instinctive id

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