16 Jul 2012

This past weekend, we made our very first convention appearance at ConnectiCon 2012. Those who made it to the convention not only got to see some brand new footage from The Waterman Movie, but they also walked away with some killer swag. One of the most popular items at the booth (aside from the never-ending free candy) was the Super Limited Edition Mini Pin-Back Waterman Movie Buttons! Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Super Limited Edition? Boy, that sounds like quantities are limited!” and you’d be right, because that’s exactly what that means…obviously. However, as luck would have it, there are still a few sets left. So, if you’ve been wanting to donate to The Waterman Movie but were waiting for us to sell buttons, NOW’S THE TIME!


Each set is $6.00 and there are two different sets to choose from.


  • The Team Waterman 4pc Set includes Waterman & Professor Hootington, Ice Cream Girl, Pal, and RoyBot.
  • The Team Ready 4pc Set includes Ready Espanosa, Raccoon X. Espanosa, Mr. Dillo, and Devin Farmer.

All proceeds will go directly to the production of The Waterman Movie, and your name will appear in the “Special Thanks” section of the end credits.


Button Packs

  • http://brentgalloway.me/ Brent Galloway

    Another way to help fund The Waterman Movie AND appear in the “Special Thanks” section?! Take my money!!

  • Ozz

    Still waitin for my buttons =(

  • Hunter Groupie

    Are we close to the movie yet? Looooong time fan (ep 1 of WM) and your success hopeful!

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