22 Mar 2011

We are thrilled to announce that after much negotiation, IndustryWorks Pictures has offered to become the international distributor of The Waterman Movie!


IndustryWorks is an International Production and Sales Company based in Canada. They work to produce and distribute quality films that appeal to creative and mainstream audiences on an international level. They develop unique strategies for each picture, drawing upon their production, development and distribution experience. More information after the jump.


Does this mean that the movie is now funded and officially going into production? Unfortunately, no. It does however mean that even though the movie has yet to be produced, it already has a future. Upon completion, IndustryWorks would step in to distribute the The Waterman Movie across the world via an abundance of different venues. This means that not only would you be able to purchase a fully loaded DVD or Blu-ray copy of the movie but could potentially watch it on Netflix, iTunes, television, and even in a theater.

Keep checking back for more information and learn more about IndustryWorks Pictures by visiting Industry-Works.com.






  • Protoman

    Took long enough for something like this to finally happen! how far away are we from completly funding this brilliant piece of film? I’m sure if more people knew that this could be Leslie Nielsen’s final film, it would make it easier to get some funding.

  • Antondevey

    Awesome! Looking forward to hearing more news

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